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Bunny Hugs Mini Cakes

This mini bunny rabbit cake welcomes spring with a giant hug! Use the Mini Egg Pan to create the bunny body.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Ice mini egg cakes smooth with buttercream icing. Tint 2 in. balls of fondant yellow, blue and violet with a small amount of rose. Tint an additional 1 in. ball rose.

Step 2

Shape fondant ears, arms and feet using patterns. Attach rose fondant insets for footpads and inside ears with brush dipped in water.

Step 3

Attach ears and arms on cake. Cut out fondant clothing using pattern; position on cake and trim off excess.

Step 4

Attach feet with brush dipped in water. Roll two 3/8 in. balls of white fondant for muzzle and attach with water. Add small fondant triangle shape for nose.

Step 5

Position mini jawbreaker eyes, licorice eyebrows, whiskers and mouth.