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A Budding Romance Cake

Here’s to the happy couple! This pretty cake is topped with a basket of sweet blooms enhanced with a lovely basket weave design.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult



Step 1

Several days ahead of time, use tip 18 royal icing and basket handle pattern to make basket handle.

Step 2

With royal icing, make the following flowers: 20 tip 104 dark rose colored roses with tip 12 bases and 20 tip 103 medium rose colored roses, with tip 10 bases.

Step 3

Using royal icing, make 20 tip 103 wild apple blossoms and 20 tip 103 wild roses with tip 1 dot centers; let both dry on flower formers. Make extras of all flowers to allow for breakage and let dry.

Step 4

For flowers which will be inserted into cake, pipe tip 7 royal icing spikes at bottom of 10 wild roses, 12 apple blossoms, 12 tip 104 roses and 12 tip 103 roses.

Step 5

For flowers which will be inserted into basket: On waxed paper, using royal icing, pipe tip 12 cone bases for remaining wild roses and apple blossoms.

Step 6

Make 1/8 in. hook on one end of florist wire and insert hook into base. Smooth and taper icing on wire using slightly dampened decorator brush. Insert other end of wire into styrofoam block to dry.

Step 7

Attach flowers to bases with royal icing. Attach leaves to wires with hot glue. Wrap all wires with florist tape.

Step 8

Using ball pan, make sugar basket ahead of time and let dry.

Step 9

Cut styrofoam ball in half to fit 1/2 in. below basket top edge. Use cake dividing set to divide basket into 24ths.

Step 10

Using royal icing, cover basket with tip 16 and 47 smooth-side-up basketweave. Ice styrofoam top in the basket smooth in green.

Step 11

Pipe tip 18 shell top border. Attach handle to basket and support until dry. Position wired flowers.

Step 12

Ice two-layer cake smooth. Position three plastic dowel rods in center of cake to support sugar mold basket.

Step 13

Cover sides with tip 16 and 47 smooth-side-up basketweave.

Step 14

Pipe tip 18 shell top border and tip 21 rope bottom border.

Step 15

Insert spiked flowers and leaves on cake. Write tip 2 message. Place basket on top of cake.