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Brownie Bride

Heads up…here comes the bride! Two brownie pops are covered in candy, decorated then stacked on a lollipop stick to form this tasty temptress.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Bake and cool 2 brownies for each treat in silicone mold supported by cookie sheet. For bodies, ice flat side of brownie with melted white candy; for heads, ice flat side with melted green candy; let set. Cover brownies with white or green candy; let set.

Step 2

For head, mark hair area with toothpick, 1 in. down from flat side; score a curved line on front and back. Pipe outline mouth, dot eyes, neck bolts, pupils and nose; let set. Pipe zigzag hair highlights in white; let set. Place head on waxed paper, flat side down. Pipe in remaining hair with melted gray candy; let set. Pipe hands on cookie sheet using melted green candy in cut parchment bag; let set. For arms, cut 2 lollipop sticks to 3 in.; bend on an angle, leaving 1 3/4 in. to insert in treat. Attach hands with melted candy and let set. Using knife, cut a small hole in rounded tops of brownies. To assemble, cut lollipop stick to 3 in. long; insert into rounded top of body. Position head over stick; secure with melted candy. Insert arms.

*Combine melted White candy with Midnight Black for gray shown.