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Brontosaurus Birthday Cake


Step 1

In advance: Make cookies. Prepare and roll out dough. Use patterns to cut 4 each heads and tails. Bake and cool.

Step 2

Also in advance: Prepare base board. Use cake pan, head and tail patterns, to mark shape of finished cake on board. Cut out and wrap with foil.

Step 3

Bake and cool cake. Position on prepared base board. Sandwich head and tail cookies with icing so finished stacks match height of cake. Attach to board with icing.

Step 4

Ice mouth smooth; pipe tip 4 outline. Use toothpick to mark various spots on back.

Step 5

Cover dinosaur with tip 18 stars; overpipe feet. Pipe tip 3 dot toenails; flatten. Pipe tip 2A eyeballs. Pipe tip 18 star lids. Add tip 4 dot pupils (flatten slightly) and nostrils. Pipe tip 8 name.

* Combine Lemon Yellow with Golden Yellow for yellow shown.
* Combine Leaf Green with Lemon Yellow for green.