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Boutique Bracelets Cupcake

Give each girl at the party jewelry—to eat, not wear— with this adorable bracelet cupcake. Make them pretty with the creative Wilton Kids Create-N-Color™ Fondant Treat Kit!


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Bake and cool cupcakes in butterfly baking cups from cupcake kit.

Spatula ice cupcakes in white tube icing.

Step 2

Roll 15 balls of pink fondant 1/2 in. diameter from fondant kit.

Step 3

Make a flower center by molding a small piece of orange fondant into heart in flower mold. Mold purple fondant on top. Remove from mold.

Step 4

Position fondant balls on top of cupcake to look like a bracelet.

Attach fondant flower to center.