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Bountiful Bouquet Cake

The Wilton Spiral Separator Set gives this classic bouquet wedding cake a flirtatious flair. The wired spirals look great against the simple triple drop string design.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy



Step 1

In advance: In royal icing, make 108 tip 102 apple blossoms with tip 1 dot centers. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry on small flower formers.

Step 2

Prepare 2-layer cakes for rolled fondant. Prepare 12 and 16 in. cakes for Stacked Construction. Cover cakes with fondant; smooth with Fondant Smoother. Divide 6 in. cake in 8ths, 12 in. cake in 12ths and 16 in. cake in 16ths. Stack bottom tiers on foil-wrapped cake base. In buttercream, pipe tip 3 triple drop strings at division marks, 1, 1 1/2 and 2 in. deep. Attach 3 flowers at string points with dots of icing. Pipe tip 21 shell bottom borders.

Step 3

At reception: Position top tier on Spiral Separator Set. Arrange flowers in flower spikes and insert in cake top.

*The smallest tier is often saved for the first anniversary. The number of servings given does not include the smallest tier.