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Book These Friends For Life! Cake

Make the day memorable with a yearbook-inspired cake. Use our Book Pan for baking the cake and Rolled Fondant to create the easy-to-personalize picture panels.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Ice cake smooth. Use Decorating Comb on cake sides to resemble pages.

Step 2

For top pages of book use 1 1/2 pks. of fondant. Use inside of cake pan for pattern, position rolled out fondant in pan and trim to fit.

Step 3

Carefully remove fondant from pan and position on cake top. Tint 1/2 pk. of fondant burgundy, roll into "ropes" and position around bottom border as book cover.

Step 4

Position Photo Space Patterns over fondant on cake and use sharp knife to cut out squares. Tint two 2 in. balls of fondant light gray and light blue; roll out to the same thickness as white pages.

Step 5

Cut out photo spaces using patterns. Position light gray and blue fondant pieces in cut areas on cake.

Step 6

Make 2 in. balls of the following color fondant: 2 shades of warm gray, 2 shades of light gray.

Step 7

Make 1 in. balls of copper, rose, blue and green. Roll out copper and 1 shade of light gray and use open ends of tip 2A to cut out small and large heads from fondant; attach to cake with damp brush. Position on cake.

Step 8

Cut out clothes patterns (same pattern for all) from 2 shades of warm gray and 1 shade of cool gray, rose, blue and green; position on cake.

Step 9

Using buttercream, pipe tip 2 string hair and tip 1 facial features and glasses.

Step 10

Print names under photos with tip 1L. Print tip 2 message.

(Note: Make light gray fondant by adding a little black color to white; make warm gray fondant by adding a little brown to gray.)