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Boneyard Boss Cookies

This skeleton is bending over backwards to greet your guests. Cookies are attached to dowel rods and decorated with candy melts. He rests on a treat bags filled with assorted candy surprises.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance: Prepare frame for upper body and dowel rods for lower legs and feet.

Step 2

Cut dowel rods as follows: 16 1/2 in. for spine/skull, 4 in. for upper arms (2), 7 in. for lower arms/hands (2). Working on flat, waxed paper-covered surface, use hot glue gun to assemble frame. Attach upper arms 5 1/2 in. down from top to allow room for skull; let set. Attach lower arms to ends of upper arms, holding each rod in angled position until set. When cool, wrap with white ribbon, securing with hot glue as needed; leave bottom 3 in. of spine bare to insert into base. Prepare dowel rods for lower legs and feet: Cut 2 sections, 6 in. each. Wrap with white ribbon, leaving 1 1/2 in. of 2 sections bare to insert into base.

Step 3

Also: Make cookies. Prepare and roll out dough. Use patterns to cut skull, pelvis and 3 spine sections. Use cookie cutters to cut 2 feet (reverse one), 2 hands (reverse one), 8 bones. Bake and cool cookies. Cover with Candy Melts; let set. Using a small amount of Cookie Icing in disposable bag fitted with tip 3, outline bones, spine sections, pelvis and skull, including facial features as shown on pattern. Pipe fingers and toes, outline and fill in hands and feet. Let set about 30 minutes. Heat Cookie Icing in bottle following bottle directions. Flow onto remaining cookies to cover. Let set.

Step 4

Assemble upper body. Chill all cookies in freezer for at least 30 minutes for easier assembly. Working on flat, waxed paper-covered surface, use melted candy to attach chilled cookies to frame. Hold each cookie in position until set. Let set completely.

Step 5

Using craft foam base as a pattern, cut a construction paper circle; set aside. Cover sides of base with 3 rows of black ribbon; use hot glue to secure. Use double-stick tape to secure base to plate; position on plate and pillars. Use craft knife to cut small slits in ribbon where rods for lower legs will go, about 1 in. from top edge. Push 2 rods into base at an angle; secure with hot glue, holding until set. Use hot glue to attach 2 angled rods for feet; hold until set. Use double-stick tape to attach paper circle to top; cut small center hole. Push upper body into base. Using melted candy, attach chilled cookies over lower leg and feet dowel rods, holding each until set. Attach upper leg bones to top and icing decorations to sides of base. Surround base with candy-filled party bags.