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Blossoming Chocolate Trio Cake

Make a dramatic statement with this trio of chocolate-ganache-covered cakes trimmed with a beautiful setting of blossoming gum paste flowers. Perfect for weddings, showers, anniversaries and much more.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy



Step 1

In advance, make flowers. Divide 2 gum paste packets and tint as follows: 1/2 pk. orange, 1/2 pk. rose, 1/2 pk. violet, 1/4 pk. green, 1/4 pk. yellow.

Make 3 of each size and color flowers.

For large flowers: Roll gum paste 1/16th in. thick. Cut out 6 petals with tulip leaf cutter from set (keep petals covered with cloth when not in used). On 3 petals, slightly soften edges with ball tool from set. Cut 1/4 in. off bottom of leaf; dip end 6 in. length of wire into gum paste adhesive. Gently pinch base of petal around wire and let dry on large flower former dusted with cornstarch. On the remaining 3 petals, use stick #2 from set to ruffle edges of petals; repeat steps to attach wires. Let dry on large flower formers dusted to cornstarch.

Step 2

For medium flowers: Repeat same process as with large flowers, only double cut for smaller flower, moving cutter down 1 in. after first cut; remove excess gum paste. Let dry on medium flower formers dusted with cornstarch.

Step 3

For stamens: Roll a small piece of gum paste tinted yellow into a tapered log. For large flowers make them 1 1/2 in. long, for medium flowers 1 in. long. Insert into 6 in wire and paint with gum paste adhesive and cover with yellow sugars; let dry.

Step 4

For leaves: Use green gum paste and follow same directions for cutting petals, except do not soften or ruffle. With pointed end of stick #2 from set, imprint center and side veins; let dry on medium flower former dusted with cornstarch. When dry, grate matching color chalk with tea strainer and brush on to matching leaf, heavier at base and feather outward to tip of petal.

Step 5

Attach 3 ruffled petals to stamen wire, one and a time. Wrap each petal with florist tape to attach to stamen wire. Attach smooth petals in between ruffled petals.

Step 6

Back and cool 2-layer cakes and place on same size cake circles. Prepare cakes to be covered with Chocolate Ganache by lightly icing with buttercream. Place cakes on cooling grid positioned over cookie sheet and cover with ganache; let set. Cut ribbon to fit around bottom border of cake and attach with dots of icing. Place cakes on corresponding-size place and pipe tip 3 bead bottom borders with white buttercream. Arrange flowers; trim wires as necessary. Into flowers into flower spikes, adding extra gum paste for support if necessary. Arrange flowers and leaves.