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Blossoming Cake for Mom

Beautiful wildflowers meander up the sides of this lovely floral cake made especially for Mother’s Day. Our Daisies and Pink Posies Icing Decorations add a beautiful, easy accent to the sides.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

Bake 2-layer 6 in. x 4 in. cake. Cool. Ice cake smooth using blue icing.

Step 2

Use ruler and toothpick to mark 1 in. spaces on cake sides.

Step 3

Pipe wavy lines using tip 4 and green icing. Pipe one tall line alternating with one short line. Attach large flowers to tall lines and small flowers to short lines with dots of icing.

Step 4

Pipe leaves on bottom border using tip 352 and green icing vines. Pipe message with tip 4 and rose icing.