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Blessed Little One Cake


Step 1

Make 3 1/2 cups buttercream icing

Step 2

Make 1/2 cup royal icing

Step 3

In Advance: Cut out a large round cookie using Roll-Out Cookie recipe and largest circle cutter in 101 Cookie Cutter Set. Cut 1/4 section out of cookie. Bake and cool. Ice cookie smooth in white royal icing. Let set. Using tip 104, pipe ruffle on cut out edge. Let set.

Step 4

Decorate in Order:
1. Ice cake top and sides smooth using white buttercream icing.
2. Cover top with tip 3 lattice in white buttercream icing.
3. Pipe tip 3 beads in white buttercream on top and middle edges.
4. Pipe tip 18 shell bottom border in white buttercream.
5. Add tip 3 beads on shell border in white buttercream.
6. Position cookie on cake top.