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Blast Off Cupcakes

Create a rocket cupcake tower for your next celebration. Construct the rocket parts with Wilton Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant and cupcakes, then blast off!


Difficulty: No Reviews



Each serves 4


Step 1

Make rocket parts one day in advance. Tint 1 1/4 oz. fondant violet. Use fondant roller and pink guide rings to roll out to 1/16 in thick. For rocket wings, use the largest leaf Cut-Out to cut two leaves, reversing one. For rocket nose, use knife to cut a 5 in. semi-circle. Wrap over cornstarch-dusted paper cone and use a damp brush to attach. Let dry overnight.

Make flames. Tint 3/4 oz. fondant yellow and 3/4 oz. red. Use fondant roller and pink guide rings to roll out each fondant separately, to 1/16 in. thick.

For flames, use the medium leaf Cut-Out to cut 10 of each color. Place five of each color in large concave and five of each color in small concave flower former to dry. Use red edible color marker to draw swirly lines on red flames beginning at wide end. Use orange edible color marker to draw swirly lines on yellow flames beginning at wide end.

Step 2

Make cupcakes. Prepare cupcake batter following recipe directions. Bake and cool three cupcakes in green baking cups and one without a baking cup.

Step 3

Make candy plaque. Melt 7 oz. white Candy Melts candy according to package directions. Tint using blue candy color from set. Place 4 in. cutter from set on non-stick cookie sheet. Pour melted blue candy inside cutter to 1/2 in. thick. Tap pan lightly to remove air bubbles. Chill until firm.

Use sharp knife to cut 3/16 in. hole 1/4 in. deep in center of candy plaque. Insert end of lollipop stick into candy plaque and use melted blue candy to attach. Chill until firm.

Step 4

Ice cupcakes with baking cups. Prepare buttercream icing. Tint orange. Use a sharp knife to cut center hole in bottoms of cupcakes with baking cups. Use spatula and orange icing to Use spatula to ice top of cupcakes smooth.

Step 5

Cover cupcake without baking cup. Use fondant roller with purple guide rings to roll out 1 1/2 oz. white fondant 1/16 in. thick. Use knife to trim dome off cupcake without baking cup. Turn cupcake over and ice smooth with buttercream icing. Cover with fondant. Use knife to trim off excess fondant.

Step 6

Assemble rocket. Slide cupcakes onto lollipop stick following this order: fondant covered cupcake cake side down at bottom, and then three iced cupcakes.

For wings, use scissors to cut two pieces of lollipop stick, 3 in. Use melted blue candy to attach to backs of wings. Let set.

Insert sticks into bottom iced cupcake, one on each side. For flames, use melted blue candy to attach flames in two rows onto fondant-covered cupcake. For portholes, use dot of icing to attach jumbo confetti. For rocket nose, position cone on top of cupcakes.