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Birthday Blowout! Cake

Two smiling cookie dinosaurs emerge from the forest on this prehistoric cake design. Meanwhile, the volcano overhead is ready for a Birthday Blowout with piping gel lava on an icing covered mountain.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Cut 1 of each dinosaur, reverse standing dinosaur before cutting. Bake and cool. For standing dinosaur, outline with tip 3 and cover with tip 14 stars. Add tip 3 pull-out spikes on spine. Pipe tip 3 eyes, mouth and lines on stomach. For shorter dinosaur, cover with tip 14 stars. Pipe spots, spikes, feet, eye and mouth with tip 3. Set aside.

Step 2

Bake and cool cake. Ice bottom half of cake green and top half brown. To create lava, use tip 10 to pipe white icing about 4 in. at longest point and ice smooth. Tint piping gel orange and red. Smooth orange piping gel over icing, then add red gel. Position cookies. Pipe tip 8 rocks and add tip 233 pull-out grass on bottom border and around rocks.

Step 3

To make palm trees, cut spearmint leaves into fourths, dip into granulated sugar. Place 3 leaves in flower forming cup; pipe melted candy into center. Position pretzel stick into candy and let set in refrigerator. Position trees into cake and pipe tip 233 pull-out grass around trees.

Step 4

Cut cloud pattern from cardstock and print message and designs with marker. Attach lollipop stick to back with melted candy; let set. Insert into cake top with set.

*Combine Brown with Red-Red for brown shown.