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Berry Special Valentine

On Valentine’s Day, show that special someone that they are a Berry Special Valentine. Use the Cupcakes ‘N More dessert stand to display chocolate-covered strawberries and conversation heart cookies.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Roll out dough. Use 2 1/2 in. heart cutter to cut 25 cookies. Use small end of tip 8 to make holes on tops of 22 hearts for ribbon. Bake and cool cookies.

Step 2

Place cookies on cooling grid positioned over jelly roll pan.

Step 3

Make 2 recipes of Color Flow and thin according to package directions. Divide color flow into fourths and tint green, rose, yellow and violet. Pour icing over cookies and let dry.

Step 4

Print message on cookies with Food Writer.

Step 5

Cut 18 in. length of 3/16 in. wide ribbon and tie cookies to stand.

Step 6

Attach 2 in. wide ribbon to sides of craft block with melted white candy.

Step 7

Attach doily to bottom of craft block and lollipop sticks to backs of three cookies without holes with melted white candy; let set.

Step 8

Insert cookies in block and tie sticks with ribbons.

Step 9

Attach block to top of stand with florist greening pins.

Step 10

Dip strawberries in melted light cocoa candy; let set. Drizzle tops with melted white candy and refrigerate to set.

Step 11

Place doilies on stand and position strawberries.

**Note: Cake Circles or sheets of acetate can be placed underneath doilies to support strawberries.