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Bake Me a Cake


Step 1

Using royal icing, make three Tip 102 roses with Tip 6 bases and two Tip 102 rosebuds. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Step 2

Decorate 6 in. cake: Ice 1-layer cake smooth.

Step 3

Using Cake Dividing Set, dot mark cake into 10ths. Pipe Tip 16 zigzag garland between marks.

Step 4

Add Tip 16 top and bottom shell borders, leaving a section of top border incomplete.

Step 5

Position roses and rosebuds on cake top, add Tip 2 sepals on rosebuds and Tip 352 leaves. Pipe Tip 2 message.

Step 6

Decorate baker: Trim ears off Cuddly Bear cake. Ice shoes smooth.

Step 7

Using Tip 3 string outlines, pipe in mouth and eyes; fill in heel of shoes, smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch.

Step 8

Cover face, shirt, pants and apron with Tip 16 stars. Pipe Tip 17 reverse shell hair and ears, add Tip 2 dot eye highlights and Tip 4 dot earrings.

Step 9

Pipe Tip 102 ruffle on apron and add ribbon tie at back. Add Tip 2 dots on apron.

Step 10

Prepare a parchment bag fitted with a star tip and filled with a small amount of icing. Position decorating bag, securing with additional icing if necessary.

Step 11

Overpipe hands using Tip 4 for outlines, fill in with Tip 16 stars.

Step 12

Make baker's hat: Cut a strip of parchment approximately 1-1/2 in. wide x 8 in. long. Hot glue ends together to form circular band. Fold in edges of tulle circle to form a puff and glue edges to inside of band.

Step 13

Arrange cakes, position hat.