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Baby's Big Day Cake

Decorate a special cake just for baby with a Color Flow crib and drop flowers. Tiny bracelets and rattles make perfect party favors, too.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Tape waxed paper over Baby Crib pattern and trace over outlines for each of the 4 crib sides with Color Flow icing and tip 5. When dry, carefully peep each crib side off waxed paper, turn over and retrace vertical and horizontal crib bars.

Step 2

Cut a 9" square, a 4" x 8" rectangle and 1" square from the 9 x 13" sheet cake. Divide the rectangle diagonally and ice one section blue, the other yellow. Ice 1" square all yellow

Step 3

Deepen remaining yellow and blue icings and make 75 each gold and bright blue tip 225 drop flower with tip 2 centers.

Step 4

Position 9" square atop corner of 12" square. Ice both pink.

Step 5

Make tip 16 shell border around 9" and 12" cake tops, rosette border around 9" cake base. Add tip 2 dots to rosette and tip 2 beads to shell border on 12" cake. Make tip 19 shell border around 12" cake base.

Step 6

Position rectangle cake diagonally atop 9" cake for crib, adding tip 104 ruffle and tip 2 beading around crib base.

Step 7

Color-strip decorating bag pink and fit with tip 103 so narrow end is near strip. Use to make blanket ruffle on crib cake top and sided, adding tip 2 beading. Position 1" yellow pillow cake atop crib and trim with tip 2 beading and scallops.

Step 8

Assemble color flow crib sections around rectangle, using white icing to "cement" corners.

Step 9

Attach drop flowers to rectangle's shells border alternating yellow and blue

Step 10

Print tip 2 message on cake tops and position Barefoot Baby, Baby bracelets and Baby rattles.