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Baby Talk Bear Cake

Master piping techniques and decorate cakes, cookies and candies like a pro. While icing this bear cake, you’ll learn how to use Outline, Print Writing, Star and Zig-Zag Puff techniques to create an array of effects.

Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Ice sides and background area on top peach; present yellow.

Step 2

Outline bear and present with tip 3 strings. Pipe in eyes, inside of ears, nose and mouth with tip 3 (flatten with finger dipped in cornstarch).

Step 3

Cover bear and bow with tip 16 stars. Print tip 2 message and tip 7 number. Add tip 2 outline eyelashes.

Step 4

Edge base with tip 16 zig zag puff border and outline with tip 3. Position hat.