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Baby Rattles Cake Pops

With just a few bites of these cake pops the gender of your baby will be revealed. Mix in blue or pink jimmies when mixing the cake and icing, and then the story will soon be told.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

Using white cake mix, make pops according to recipe. When adding buttercream icing mix in either blue or white jimmies sprinkles.

Step 2

Make cake pops to medium size, 1 oz. or use 2 tablespoons of mixture. Chill in refrigerator.

Step 3

Inset stick into cake ball, leaving 3 inches exposed.

Step 4

Melt yellow candy and dip according to recipe directions. Repeat if necessary to thoroughly cover. Let set.

Step 5

Using white melted candy in cut parchment bag, pipe a line of candy around middle of pop. Position confetti sprinkles from kit.

Step 6

Tint a 7/8 in. ball of fondant yellow. Insert in the bottom end of stick.

Step 7

Tie ribbon on stick.