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Autumn Turkey Cookies


Step 1

Roll out chocolate cookie dough and cut out turkey. Cut tail feathers off cookie before baking.

Step 2

Roll out plain cookie dough and use largest maple leaf cutter from set to cut feathers for turkey.

Step 3

Use Round Comfort Grip Cutter for cookie base.

Step 4

Bake and cool all cookies.

Step 5

Brush a 1/4 in. line of piping gel around edge of leaf cookie for tail feathers and sprinkle with yellow sugars; repeat process for orange sugars.

Step 6

Brush center with pipe gel and sprinkle with red sugar.

Step 7

Use tip 352 to pipe brown wings.

Step 8

Use tip 2 to pipe brown beak and tip 4 to pipe red wattle.

Step 9

Use tip 3 to pipe black eye pupils.

Step 10

Use tip 3 and red icing to attach turkey to tail feathers.

Step 11

Spatula ice round cookie in green icing and position turkey.