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Apples in Disguise Candy

Candy Melts coated apple looks like a mini pumpkin sitting in a circle of icing decoration leaves. A candy scarecrow stands on top watching for Trick or Treaters.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

In advance: Make scarecrows. Tint melted white candy skin tone by adding a little melted light cocoa candy. Mold scarecrow in gingerbread boy pan, filling cavities 1/4 in. deep; refrigerate until firm then unmold.

Step 2

Tint small amounts of melted white candy yellow, blue, red, black and green (combine green and yellow). Using melted candy in cut parchment bags, pipe hat with brim; outline and fill in shirt and pants, let set.

Step 3

Pipe lines for hands and feet; outline and fill in eyes, nose and pocket. Pipe dot pupils and outline mouth; outline hat band. Pipe zigzag collar and outline details on shirt and pants.

Step 4

Melt orange candy; add candy color for deeper orange. Insert cookie treat stick into apple and dip into melted candy, turning to cover all sides. Set on waxed paper until firm. Using melted candy in cut parchment bag, pipe lines. Place on foil-wrapped circle and secure with melted candy. Attach scarecrow to stick and leaves to board with melted candy.