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Anniversary Flair Cake

After so many years of marriage, celebrate with Anniversary Flair. The top tier of this cake is decorated simply with fondant bows, and the bottom tier is adorned with delicate icing lacework.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Several days in advance, make "25" topper.

Step 2

Tint 1 1/2 pks. of fondant rose and a 1 in. ball of fondant green; reserve remaining white.

Follow instructions in flower cutter set to make 1 large full-bloom rose and 3 small roses, all on toothpicks instead of wires.

Step 3

Using leaf cutter from set, make 8 to 10 green leaves, let dry on flower formers.

When dry, grate chalk through tea strainer and brush on leaves.

Step 4

To make bows, roll out rose fondant 1/8 in. thick; cut 10-12 strips 1 in. x 3 in., reserving excess fondant. Fold strips in half and pinch ends together. Set on edge in cornstarch to dry.

When dry, trim ends and press two loops together to form bow. Roll out rose fondant 1/8 in. thick and cut 1/2 in. wide strips for streamers and center knot. Attach knot strip around bow with water. Set aside**.

Step 5

Prepare 6 in. and 10 in. cakes for stacked construction. Prepare cakes for rolled fondant by lightly icing with buttercream.

Step 6

Cover 10 in. cake with 1 1/2 pks. of white fondant and 6 in. cake with rose fondant. Smooth with Easy-Glide Smoother. Cover 10 in. cake with tip 1 cornelli lace. Pipe tip 4 bead bottom border on both tiers.

Position streamers, then bows on 10 in. cake; insert numbers on top tier. Attach roses and leaves with icing.

**Store in a dark place before reception to avoid fading.