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Animal Circus Cake

Think of this confection as a tabletop field trip. Use 9 in. x 13 in. Baking Pan cakes and plastic straws to build two-tiers of cages to colorfully hold iced sugar-mold animals.


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Step 1

Place first layer on serving tray. Ice, and top with second layer. Third layer cut in half and iced before putting the two halves together. These two halves are then placed on top of the first 2 layers.

Step 2

Placing the layers together in this manner gives the completed cake a tiered effect with simulates that Animal Cage we are depicting.

Step 3

The animals are dropped out in white sugar icing using out sugar mold recipe. After drying they were then painted with a solution of one egg white and one cup of powdered sugar. The colors are brushed on using certified food colors.

Step 4

The side of the cake is divided into three sections and the animals are placed into position. The top side of each tier must stand out from the cake about one inch. This will make room for the animals to stand behind the simulated, straw bars. You may build this out with icing or by using a narrow strip of Styrofoam. This may be attached to the side of the cake with toothpicks, and then iced to look like part of the cake.

Step 5

A border is piped on using #46 tip and straws are positioned to a bottom border. The Styrofoam balls are iced and placed into position.