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Angels Watch Over Thee Cake


Step 1

One week in advance, make flowers using royal icing: Pink Wild Roses - 24 tip 103 and 24 tip 102 with tip 1 dot centers; White Wild Roses-50 tip 103 and 65 tip 102 with tip 1 dot centers. Place in Flower Formers and let dry.

Step 2

Make Color Flow pieces using patterns and Color Flow Icing. Outline using tip 3, using full strength Color Flow, let dry, and flow in using thinned Color Flow. Let dry. Pipe tip 3 scrolls on window frame and tip 1 facial features on angels and baby using full strength Color Flow Icing. Make extras of all to allow for breakage and let dry. Using royal icing, attach lollipop sticks to backs of angels, curtains and window frame; position sticks for window grid lines onto back of window frame. Using royal icing, attach flowers to window box, add tip 3 vines and tip 352 leaves. Let dry.

Step 3

Ice 1-layer cake top and sides smooth in buttercream icing. Position color flow pieces* in the following order and secure with dots of royal icing, if necessary: First, position cradle on cake top. Add curtains, approximately 1/2 in. from cake edge. Position window frame over curtains, reposition Baby in cradle if necessary to center. Using royal icing, pipe tip 1 vines and bead flowers on window frame. Position angels and flower box.

Step 4

Position flowers on bottom border of cake, secure with dots of buttercream icing.

Step 5

Add tip 352 leaves using buttercream icing.

*Buttercream icing will break down color flow. Position color flow pieces on a piece of plastic wrap cut to fit, on sugar cubes or mini marshmallows.