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An Arrow For Your Beau Cupcake

Cupcakes plus candy equals a treat that really hits the spot! An Arrow for your Beau Cupcakes feature candy hearts which are molded in our Cut-Outs, then attached to a lollipop stick for a cute Cupid´s arrow.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance: Make candy hearts for arrow. Place medium and small heart Cut-Outs on waxed paper-covered cake circle. Pipe in hearts using melted red candy in cut parchment bag; tap gently to spread evenly into corners. Refrigerate until firm; unmold.

Step 2

Trim lollipop stick to 3 1/2 in. Position stick on waxed paper-covered cake circle. Pipe pull-out feathers on ends of stick using melted white candy in cut parchment bag; let set. On edge of medium heart, pipe scallops with melted red candy; let set. Attach hearts to stick with melted candy; let set.

Step 3

Bake cupcakes in Hearts Remembered Baking Cups. Cool completely on Cooling Grid.

Step 4

Tint 1/2 cup icing with a small amount of Rose Icing Color. Ice cupcakes smooth with Spatula.

Step 5

Add sprinkles on cupcake tops. Position arrow. Using a cut parchment bag, pipe a small mound of icing behind medium heart for support.