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All Fore Relaxation Cake

Dad won’t mind the golf hazards on All Fore Relaxation. This Father’s Day cake features two golf balls living it up in the sand trap and water. Complete the cake with Beach Party candles and a personalized message.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

In advance, make lounge chair: Tint small portions of fondant red and yellow. Roll out and cut ¼ in. strips and lay side- by-side, alternating colors. Roll lightly together and cut chair bottom and top from patterns; let dry thoroughly on cornstarch- dusted board.

Step 2

To make golf balls, mold 2 shells for each using melted white candy and mini ball pan; unmold. Attach halves with melted candy.

Step 3

Cover ball with fondant and indent with ball tool from confectionery set to make dimples. Tint remaining fondant black, blue and green.

Step 4

Using patterns, cut black sunglasses and blue scuba mask; attach to golf balls with brush dipped in water. Using buttercream and tip 3, pipe dot eyes and string mouth; outline mask with tip 7. Make a small slit in licorice, bend into "L" shape for snorkel and attach to ball with melted white candy.

Step 5

Ice 1-layer cake smooth.

Step 6

Cut out green using pattern and green fondant. Cut hole area using round cutter. Roll out black fondant and use cutter to cut hole. Position green area on cake; position black hole in cut-out on green.

Step 7

Cut pennant shape from construction paper. Write message and tape pennant to lollipop stick; insert in cake.

Step 8

Trace sand trap and water patterns on cake with toothpick. Sprinkle sand area with brown sugar.

Step 9

Pipe-in water area with blue-tinted piping gel.

Step 10

Position chair in sand, propping up back at an angle with cut lollipop stick.

Step 11

Position golf balls and candles.

Step 12

Add tip 16 pull out star grass around water and at bottom border.