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All Aglow with the Season Cake

This holiday cake will make your party All Aglow with the Season. These candles are an alternate design for the Enchanted Castle Pan. The poinsettia flowers at the bottom add seasonal charm.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy


Step 1

One or two days in advance, make poinsettia flowers.

Step 2

Line lily nail with aluminum foil squares. Use royal icing and Tip 352 to pipe 6 pull-out petals; add second layer of petals alternating between first layer. Add Tip 2 dot stamens.

Step 3

Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Step 4

Ice sides and background area of cake smooth.

Step 5

Use small plastic ruler to score candle lines.

Step 6

Outline candles with Tip 4; cover with Tip 16 stars.

Step 7

Pipe Tip 2 string candle wick. Add Tip 32 spatula-striped shell for flame.

Step 8

Use Tip 7 to pipe in melting effect of candles.

Step 9

Add Tip 352 pull-out leaves at cake bottom; position poinsettias.

Step 10

Add Tip 18 star bottom border.