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Ahoy Mate Cake

Ahoy Mate! Ye best serve this cake at your next party, or ye walk the plank. A fondant scarf, gold earring, and eye patch complete the look of this pirate face.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

Bake and cool 1/2 sports ball cake. Ice smooth with spatula.

Step 2

Reserve small amount of white fondant, tint 1/2 remainder red and 1/2 black.

Step 3

Roll out fondant; using patterns, cut out scarf, patch and facial features. (Note: Wide end of tip 12 can be used as pattern for eye and small white dots on scarf. Wide end of tip 1A can be used as pattern for large white dots on scarf.)

Step 4

Position face and scarf pieces on cake. Roll 2 small balls of red fondant and position for tie knot on scarf.

Step 5

Using buttercream, pipe tip 12 ear and dot nose.

Step 6

Cut one end of jelly ring for earring and position after ear has dried.