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Ahhh-some Monster Cupcake

Tongues will be wagging at your next Halloween party with these cute cupcakes. They’re easy to embellish using the Ghoulish Gourmet Cupcake Combo.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Bake and cool cupcakes. Ice smooth with green buttercream icing.

Step 2

Use tip 4 and black buttercream icing to outline and fill in mouth. Pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Use tip 2 and white buttercream icing to pipe in teeth.

Step 3

Tint 1/2 oz. fondant pink. Form into shape of a tongue, 1 in. wide x 2 in. long. Use veining tool from set for crease. Attach 1/2 in. into mouth.

Step 4

Insert eyeball pick into cupcake.

*Combine Leaf Green with Lemon Yellow for green shown. Combine Pink and Brown for pink tongue shown.