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Adorable Ariel Cake


Step 1

In advance: Make 17 candies. Tint portions of melted white candy pink and orange. Make marbleized seashells using Seashells Mold; refrigerate until firm and unmold.

Step 2

Position cake on foil-wrapped board at least 2 in. larger than cake. Ice cake sides smooth. Use tip 3 to outline all details. Pipe in eyes, lips and flower center with tip 3. Cover?body, swimsuit, face and hair with tip 16 stars; pipe tip 3 eyelashes. Pipe tip 14 outline coral and tip 352 sea plants on cake sides. Spatula ice cake board around bottom border; pipe tip?6 random zigzags. Immediately cover with granulated brown sugar. Position candy shells.

*Combine Rose with Lemon Yellow for rose mouth.