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A Lively Brew Dessert

Energize your high tea with A Lively Brew. These brightly-colored candy tea cups, heaping with white chocolate mousse, can lighten up any rainy day.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Prepare White Chocolate Mousse recipe. Melt candy; divide into 3rds and tint portions pink, blue and green.

Step 2

Mold candy shell 1/8 in. thick in Cordial Cups Mold.

Step 3

For saucers, place largest round Cut-Out on non-stick pan.

Step 4

Spoon in melted candy 1/8 in. thick; tap to remove air bubbles, refrigerate to set. For handles, pipe a question mark shape, 3/4 x 3/8 in. wide, directly on cookie sheet. Refrigerate until firm, turn over candy and overpipe on back; refrigerate until firm.

Step 5

Attach handles to cups with melted candy.

Step 6

Fill cups with mousse using tip 32 swirl motion.

Step 7

Position cups on saucers.