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A Gem of a Cake

Bedazzle your celebration cake with fondant gems and jewels made using the Wilton Fondant & Gum Paste Mold, Jewelry Designs. The cake is easy to complete, as the gems are made in advance with Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant.


Difficulty: Easy


Step 1

1 to 2 days in advance, make fondant jewels. Divide fondant and tint: 2 oz. green, 2 oz. red and 2 oz. violet. Mold 12 red rectangle gems, 12 green rectangle gems, 12 violet square gems, 24 violet round gems, all with white backers. Also mold 12 white square brooches. Let all dry on cornstarch-covered cake board.

Step 2

For painting, combine Pearl Dust with equal amounts of lemon extract. Paint white backers with gold Pearl Dust. Paint remaining gems with Pearl Dust in coordinating colors. For brooch, paint center in lilac purple Pearl Dust. Paint outside portion with gold Pearl Dust. When dry, attach gems to backers with damp brush.

Step 3

Bake and cool two 2-layer cakes. Ice cakes smooth with white buttercream icing. Prepare for stacked construction and fondant covering. Tint 72 oz. fondant violet; cover and stack cakes. Position on foil-wrapped foam core.

Step 4

Using 12 oz. fondant, mold 12 vertical square chain border and 9 horizontal mesh border fondant bands; paint with silver Pearl Dust/lemon extract. Let dry enough to handle. Attach bands to cake with damp brush; vertical bands on top cake; horizontal bands centered on bottom cake sides.

Step 5

Mold bottom chain-link fondant band and paint with gold Pearl Dust. Attach to bottom border with damp brush.

Step 6

Attach gems to cake with damp brush. Attach brooches to bands with piping gel.