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A Future Promise Cake

Wedding vows take on a special meaning when they’re displayed on this elegant cake. Topped with the I DO Cake Pick and finished with decorative icing scrollwork, this cake is an enchanting addition to any wedding celebration.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Prepare 2-layer cakes for . ; cover and smooth with Fondant Smoother.

Step 2

In advance: Prepare base board. Tint 72 oz. of fondant blue and cover board.

Step 3

For side ribbons, tint 36 oz. of fondant to match base board; roll out 1/8 in. thick. Cut two 1 1/2 in. wide strips for each tier in the following lengths: For 8 in. tier, 16 in. long; for 10 in. tier, 20 in. long; for 12 in. tier, 24 in. long; for 14 in. tier, 28 in. long. Brush tier side centers in ribbon areas with damp brush. To position ribbons without stretching fondant, roll up each strip and slowly unroll, pressing lightly to attach as you go. Start at center of one side and continue with the second strip, aligning the ends.

Step 4

Pipe tip 1 scroll and horizontal C-scroll designs with dots above and below side ribbons. Roll out remaining blue fondant 1/8 in. thick. To cover ribbon seams, cut 8 squares using crinkle Cut-Out; attach in diamond position with damp brush. Pipe tip 1 scallops and dots on squares. Assemble cakes on base board. Pipe message with tip 2. Pipe tip 5 bead bottom borders.

At reception: Position ornament.†

*Combine Sky Blue with Teal for blue shown.

**The top tier is often saved for the first anniversary. The number of servings given does not include the top tier.

Always place a separator plate, or cake board cut to fit, on the cake where you position any figurine or topper. This protects both the cake and your keepsake. For extra stability, secure topper to the plate with double-stick tape.