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A Diamond Day Cake

Fondant diamonds in gentle yellow create glamorous texture on this tiered cake and its matching shower cakes.


Difficulty: Medium



Step 1

Prepare 2-layer cakes for rolled fondant; prepare 12 in. cake for stacked construction. Cover cakes with rolled fondant, reserving 24 oz.; smooth with Easy-Glide Smoother.

Step 2

Tint reserved fondant Lemon Yellow with a little Golden Yellow. Roll out and cut approximately 104 squares using medium Cut-Out. Attach squares to cake sides, point-to-point in 2 rows, using damp brush. Pipe tip 3 dots at meeting points. Add tip 6 ball bottom borders to all cakes.

Step 3

At reception: Assemble cake. Position 16 in. cake on 17 in. plate and stand. Insert four hidden pillars. Cut 14 in. doily to fit and place on cake top. Position 12 in. cake on 13 in. plate. Position the second 13 in. plate, feet up, on 12 in. cake, securing with buttercream. Trim non-skid mat to fit inside plate. Position mat and 9 in. stand on plate; position 8 in. cake on stand. Cut four dowel rods to 5 1/2 in. long and insert in center of 8 in. cake for ornament support. Cut 6 in. doily to fit and position on cake top. Attach top only of Crystal-Look Base to dowel rods with buttercream; position ornament, securing with buttercream. Pipe mounds of buttercream on cake tops and position flowers.

*Note: The smallest tier is often saved for the first anniversary. The number of servings given does not include the smallest tier.