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A Country & Western Union Cake

For the couple that’s a little bit country, this is the ideal wedding cake. A Country & Western Union features tiers of alternating cake and flowers and is topped with a country and western ornament.

Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

Lightly ice 2-layer cakes smooth.

Step 2

Pipe Tip 8 and 48 basketweave on all cakes.

Step 3

On 6 in. cake, pipe Tip 18 shell top and bottom borders.

Step 4

On 10 in. and 14 in. cakes, pipe Tip 18 top and Tip 21 bottom shell borders.

Step 5

On all cakes, edge bottom shells with Tip 4 zigzag.

Step 6

At reception, place cakes on stand.

Step 7

Position flowers in crystal-look bowls and ornament.