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A Chapel Awaits Cake

It’s the big day. The bride is ready and a Chapel Awaits—no matter how the groom feels! This charming chapel cake could be used at a bridal shower or at the gift or dessert table at the reception.


Difficulty: Somewhat Difficult


Step 1

In advance, make approximately 36 each of the following royal icing drop flowers: tip 224 in rose with tip 3 dot centers in white; tip 129 in violet with tip 3 dot centers in white. Make extras to allow for breakage and let dry.

Step 2

In advance, cut steeple pattern from cookie dough and bake. Attach lollipop stick to back of cookie with royal icing; let set. Ice front of cookie smooth, add tip 4 bead border. Set aside.

Step 3

Ice house front, back and sides smooth in buttercream on foil-covered board; ice roof using a spatula to create a shingle effect.

Step 4

Trace door and window patterns with toothpick, with windows 1 in. from bottom of cake. Outline windows and door with tip 4. Pipe another tip 4 line next to outline. Pipe a third tip 4 line on top and between the first two. Overpipe the third line with a tip 2 line.

Step 5

Edge windows and door with tip 3 dots. Pipe tip 4 center line on door and add tip 4 dot handles. Pipe tip 1D (smooth side up) band eaves on front of house. Pipe tip 16 zigzag garland on eaves.

Step 6

Attach a drop flower at points of garlands; add tip 349 leaves. Pipe tip 4 outline doorstep.

Step 7

Attach clusters of flowers around base of house. Insert steeple cookie on roof.

Step 8

Using tinted piping gel in cut parchment triangles, pipe-in windows for stained-glass look.

Step 9

Position ornament.