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A Captivating Moment Cake

She’s captured his heart - and won’t let go! This humorous cake design shows that true love is the key to taming the wandering soul. Pretty pastel flowers add a festive touch.


Difficulty: No Reviews


Step 1

In advance: Make heart topper. Position pattern on board and cover with waxed paper. Outline heart using royal icing and tip 8; let dry. Trim 3 lollipop sticks to extend 4 in. below bottom of heart for insertion in cake. Attach sticks for middle bars of heart with royal icing. For remaining bars, cut lollipop sticks to fit exactly; attach with royal icing. Overpipe heart outline with tip 8. Let dry. Also: Pipe royal icing bead hearts for cake sides in assorted sizes using tip 5 and tip 8. Let dry. And: Make 85 pink and 55 violet drop flowers using royal icing and tip 129. Pipe tip 3 dot centers. Let dry.

Step 2

Ice 2-layer cakes smooth in buttercream. Prepare cakes for Stacked Construction and position on serving plate. Attach flowers to heart with royal icing. Using buttercream, attach flowers for bottom borders; add tip 349 leaves. Print tip 3 message. Attach bead hearts to cake sides with dots of icing. Position heart topper and couple topper on cake top.

*Combine Violet with Rose for violet shown.

**Always place a separator plate, or cake board cut to fit, on the cake where you position any figurine or topper. This protects both the cake and your keepsake. For extra stability, secure your figurine to the plate with double-stick craft tape.