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A Bunny Bash Cake

This cute cake keeps parties hopping. A Stand-Up Cuddly Bear Pan cake converts to bunny with a few modifications. Fondant bunnies formed in our Multiplying Bunnies Candy Mold bring hare-raising dimension.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Lightly dust candy molds with cornstarch. Knead confectioners' sugar into small pieces of fondant to remove sticky texture; press into mold. Make 8 fondant bunnies. Unmold immediately and place on waxed paper to dry.

Step 2

Ice round cake smooth. Insert dowel rods into cake where bunny cake will be positioned. Bake and cool Cuddly Bear cake using firm-textured batter. Trim off ears; position bunny cake on 12 in. round cake. Ice bottoms of feet smooth. Cover bunny with tip 233 pull-out fur. Outline and pipe-in facial features with tip 3. Using pattern, cut 2 ears from cake board; cover with foil. Attach lollipop sticks to back of ears with tape and ice inside of ears smooth with spatula. Immediately position ears on cake, bending one slightly forward. Cover ears with tip 233 pull-out fur. Trim 1 in. from sugar cone, ice smooth and position on head. Pipe tip 16 pull-out fringe at top and bottom of hat. Pipe tip 7 top and tip 12 bottom ball borders. Position fondant bunnies on cake sides. Using buttercream, pipe tip 1 facial features, tip 5 dot hats and tip 1 pull-out fringe. Print tip 5 name and overpipe with tip 3 dots. Position candle.