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A Birthday They'll Never Forget Cake

How do you know it will be a Birthday They’ll Never Forget? Serve them a cake topped with a large elephant and ringed with candy peanuts.


Difficulty: Somewhat Easy



Step 1

Bake and cool ducky cake and 2-layer oval cakes (two 1 1/2 in. high layers to make 3 in. high cake).

Step 2

In advance, mold 28 peanuts using Snack Time Mold and Candy Melts in the following quantities: 1/2 pk. white, 1/2 pk. yellow, 1/4 pk. lt. cocoa and 8 disks orange. Refrigerate until firm; unmold. Mold one cup using Cordial Cup Mold and melted candy of your choice. Set all aside.

Step 3

Position ducky cake on oval separator plate. Trim off bill and tail. Make trunk.

Step 4

Make ears: Using pattern, cut 2 ears from cake board, wrap with foil.

Ice front of ears smooth in buttercream icing.

Step 5

Cut lollipop stick in two 6 1/2 in. lengths, and insert into flat edge of cardboard ears, then insert end of sticks into cake.

Step 6

Using tip 8, build up icing between cake and plate.

Step 7

Pipe-in whites of eyes with tip 6 (smooth with fingers dipped in cornstarch). Pipe-in tip 3 dot pupils.

Step 8

Cover body, edges and back of ears, head and trunk with tip 18 stars. Pipe tip 1 outline eyelashes; tip 3 mouth.

Step 9

Make hat: Ice cordial cup smooth and attach to top of head with dots of icing. Add smooth side tip 47 band around base of hat. Add tip 20 fleur de lis.

Step 10

Make tail: Prepare a decorating bag with icing, fitted with tip 6. Cut a 3 in. length of licorice, insert into opening of tip, then while gently squeezing bag, pull out licorice, coating it with icing. Attach to elephant, add tip 1 pull out dot fringe on end.

Step 11

Ice 2-layer oval cake smooth.

Step 12

Cut hidden pillars to 2 in. above cake. Push hidden pillars into cake and cover with tip 8 zigzags to build up.

Step 13

Pipe tip 18 stars on legs, pipe tip 4 dot toenails. Divide oval cake into 16ths. Pipe tip 102 double swags between division marks.

Step 14

Pipe tip 8 ball balloons at division points. Add tip 21 shell bottom border, and tip 3 message. Position candy peanuts.

Step 15

To assemble: Place elephant onto hidden pillars.