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3 Cheers For You! Cake

This grinning cake screams “Time to partay!” Iced dowel-rod arms and piped-icing features transform a 3-layer 8 in. x 2 in. Round Pan cake into a lively dessert with cheerleader-like appeal.


Difficulty: Medium


Step 1

Bake and cool three 1-layer, 8 x 2 in. cakes. Use craft knife to cut 3 dowels 5 1/2 in. long. Ice cake thick. Comb side using wide side of decorating comb. Insert dowel rods in cake sides for arms; ice smooth with spatula and pat smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch. Fill ends of dowel rod arms with icing, using tip 9. Insert candles and pipe tip 9 fingers.

Step 2

Trace Face Pattern with toothpick. Pipe in tip 9 whites of eyes, tip 4 pupils, mouth, cheeks and tongue (smooth all facial features with finger dipped in cornstarch). Pipe tip 2110 rosette on top center of cake; insert dowel rod candle in center of rosette. Pipe tip 9 drip mark and tip 16 pull out star flame.

Step 3

At top border, mark 4 in. wide area above face to leave open . Beginning at either side of open area, pipe tip 3 double drop string border, 1 in. and 1 3/4 in. deep. Pipe tip 2110 rosette top border. Pipe tip 16 rosette candleholders and insert candles. Pipe tip 21 shell bottom border.