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Hare in the Air Cookies

Makes: each serves one.
Skill Level: Somewhat Easy

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Step 1

In advance: Make bunny candies in lollipop mold. Tape over opening for stick. Mold candies using Painting or Piping Method. Tap to settle; chill until firm. Pipe facial features after unmolding using melted candy in cut parchment bag.

Step 2

Make cookies. Prepare and roll out dough. Cut cookie background using egg cutter. Bake and cool cookies. Pour thinned blue icing over cookies to cover. Let dry overnight on waxed paper-covered boards.

Step 3
Pipe 3 tip 4 bottom pink scallops 2 3/4 in. up from narrow end of egg using full-strength icing. Add other colors using thinned icing.

Step 4

Pipe tip 5 yellow wavy band 3/4 in. wide. Pipe tip 4 violet wavy stripe, then tip 3 yellow wavy stripe. Pipe tip 5 green band 1/2 in. wide with curved top. Use tip 5 to fill in violet top. Let dry at least 4 hours.

Step 5

Pipe tip 3 dot trims. Using full-strength icing, pipe tip 1 outline ropes. Attach bunny candy with icing. Pipe tip 1 rope over bunny.

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Adding color details to candies makes them more realistic and much more fun! For large areas of color, it's best to paint the melted candy right in the mold before the whole candy is molded using a decorator brush. Or, for very small details like vines, mouths and messages, melted candy should be piped onto molded candies using a parchment bag with a small hole cut in the tip.

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