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Get Started Cookie Decorating

Discover accessible techniques for decorating beautiful cookies that will be the talk of birthday parties, baby showers, cookie exchanges and more! Learn how to decorate cookies that will be remembered long after they've been devoured, with guidance from Wilton Director of Content Development, Beth Somers! Beth starts by sharing Wilton's no-fail cookie dough recipe. Then, kiss common cookie-baking mishaps goodbye with Beth's troubleshooting tips for burned edges, misshapen cookies and more. Moving on, make luscious buttercream and pipe it into darling rosettes and ruffles, and learn how to create Beth's special plaid and feather designs using decadent royal icing. Up next, Beth shows you how to confidently work with Candy Melts for a gorgeous marbling effect, and find out how to use rich black fondant to make cute monogrammed chalkboard cookies. Finally, get an exclusive dough recipe for shaped pans, discover how to turn any cookie into a pop and make a variety of spritz cookies for crowd-pleasing results!

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Lesson 1: Baking the Perfect Cookie

  • Meet your instructor Beth Somers! Learn the recipe for easy roll-out cookie dough and begin to cut shapes with Beth's expert tips and techniques for perfect designs. Then learn to identify and fix common cookie baking problems, such as spreading dough, burned edges and misshapen cookies.

Lesson 2: Buttercream

  • Learn how to make buttercream icing and to pipe dots to emulate petals for a gorgeous flower cookie. Then, pipe rosettes and learn to use an edible marker for a special design. You'll also pipe ruffles and stars, and review design variations to fit any theme!

Lesson 3: Royal Icing

  • Make royal icing with Beth's easy recipe and learn how to thin it down for the perfect flow-in consistency. Then, decorate intricate iced cookies and master wet-on-wet techniques for Beth's plaid and feather design. Finally, learn to paint your cookies with gel colors.

Lesson 4: Candy Melts

  • Work with melted Candy Melts to create a marbled look on your cookies. You can pour, comb or mold for lots of design variations. Beth will also demonstrate a few marbling techniques for an optical illusion on your cookie. Finally, learn how to comb your Candy Melts.

Lesson 5: Fondant

  • Using fondant is easy with Beth's techniques! Learn how to color, roll and cut fondant and to marbleize colors for a gorgeous finish. Then turn cookies into an adorable monogrammed chalkboard using black fondant. Finally, learn how to create fondant frills and layer colors for fondant stamps.

Lesson 6: Specialty Cookies

  • Learn Beth's exclusive dough recipe for shaped pans. Then, make delightful and trendy mustache cookies and pops! Beth will also show you how to make cookie pops out any fun-shaped cookies. Finally, learn the recipe for a delectable peanut butter cookie dough and filling for tasty sandwich cookies.

Lesson 7: Spritz Cookies & Gifting

  • Learn how to make a variety of spritz cookies for any occasion, especially Christmas. Learn how to use a cookie press as Beth offers you never-fail tips for troubleshooting any problems you may encounter. Then Beth demonstrates a variety of ways you can gift-wrap cookies for presents and suggests long-term storage options for undecorated cookies.

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