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Topic: Cake Decorating Magazine
HebberD 10/06/2012 7:32 PM
Every year at my birthday my mom buys me a subscription to a magazine of my choice. I would like to start getting one that deals with cake decorating. Any suggestions?

Hebber D
dietcokenoice 10/07/2012 12:04 AM
I'm not aware of any cake decorating magazines in the U.S. I have some older Wilton books showing old style piping techniques, which is what I was interested in. Alot of people here seem to like and have subscribed to which offers a one year membership for $30. I believe they have many online tutorials. You can go to their website and check them out, but in order to view them all you need to subscribe. Maybe your Mom could get you that.

Happy Birthday by the way!!!
cakedujour 10/07/2012 9:45 AM
American Cake Decorating Magazine is a good one. Cake Central has an online magazine, I think. (It started as a regular magazine but productions problems of mammoth proportions resulted in it being online only.) is a good value, but it too is online. I signed up not long ago and I like it fine. Skills taught there run from beginner to advanced.

bunnywoman 10/07/2012 6:44 PM
The only two publications that I know of in an actual magazine are:

American Cake Decorating
Mailbox News
char-lee 10/07/2012 9:57 PM
American cake decorating has a lot of really nice pictures and does have a bi-monthly tutorial or two but that $30. is better spent on! Melissa Diamond ROCKS!
Sugar Pie 10/09/2012 10:48 AM
I would suggest the magazines that are published in the UK. I realize that they are quite expensive, but they seem to include more tutorials as opposed to pictures only. I usually purchase mine from Barnes & Noble, but they are available to purchase as a subscription. It's not an every month thing for me to buy these magazines, but I simply love thumbing through them.

Here's a sample of the purchasing price from the summer of 2012:

1.)Party Cakes - $12.99 (I think this one is kind of new. It was issue #12. This one seems to have the most tutorials.)

2.)Cake - $9.99

3.)Cakes & Sugarcraft - $12.99

4.)Wedding Cakes - $13.75 (This is basically pictures only, but they're gorgeous and are wonderful for inspiration.) (Check here for subscription information.)

LBGunnin 10/09/2012 10:52 AM
I don't believe Mailbox News is produced anymore.