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Topic: pipe phalange
kimodell 10/03/2012 12:15 PM
Now that I know how to put things in my favorites, can someone lead me to the pipe phalange instructions.
cakedujour 10/03/2012 1:00 PM
kimodell 10/03/2012 1:16 PM
Thanks, how come I put in pipe phalange in search and got nothing.
gmoakes01 10/03/2012 3:22 PM
Probably because you misspelled flange. Just click on Kathy's link and see what the original thread was called.
sweetgrandma 10/03/2012 5:36 PM
DH is making me one too! Now I just need another wedding cake order!!
krzykakes 10/04/2012 6:34 AM
My granddaddy made me about 3 of them lol I love him dearly now all I need to do is get my floor flanges lol
Spooky_789 10/04/2012 8:23 AM
Kim, are you channeling Phoebe from Friends? lol
ccake 10/04/2012 8:32 AM
kimodell, Can you share with me, If I see a cake, I like, How DO I pt it in my favorites ?
newbakermom 10/04/2012 10:36 AM

ccake, when you're logged in and in the post you want to save as a favorite, you will notice a yellow star either on the right top or bottom corner, click on that and then click "add favorite". To view your favorites, just click on "my stuff" (on top of the page) and scroll down until you see "My favorite topics" and there you go. ;-) HTH
kimodell 10/04/2012 9:14 PM
Oh I see the phalange! I am a medical transcriptionist! Thinking of a finger I guess! ccake, I don't know how to put just a cake picture, just the thread, click on the star and it goes in you stuff.