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Topic: Cake Mix Doctor advice re: smaller mixes, how to adjust recipes
whoknew? 05/28/2012 9:09 PM
Per an email earlier in the year from Anne Byrn, the author of The Cake Mix Doctor, this is how you adjust for smaller box mixes:

".....For the new, smaller mixes (16.5 oz.), ...add these ingredients in addition to those called for in the Cake Mix Doctor recipe:

1/2 cup flour
"a little sugar if desired"
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
You can read the entire text of our emails on page 2 of this thread:
She also says you can purchase her brand of cake mixes. Here's the information:

dietcokenoice 05/29/2012 8:41 AM
Thanks whoknew. I think I will print this out and keep it in my Cake Dr. cookbook.
Grammyto5 05/31/2012 5:23 PM
Thanks for the update.