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Topic: Stethoscope - how to questions
Spooky_789 05/14/2012 1:08 PM
I've got a graduation cake I'm doing next week that will have a stethoscope on it. I'm not too worried about the basic shape. I may decide to use my clay press with the large round disc to create the tubing for it, haven't decided yet.

I've ordered Wilton black fondant to use for the black tubing. Should I mix a bit of it with white fondant for the gray tubing? Also, should I mix it with either a bit of gumpaste or tylose powder to help it hold its shape better?

How far in advance can I make it? I haven't decided on a final design yet, whether it will be partially on the side of the 8" round cake or on the cake board. If it does go on part of the cake, it would need to be pliable so I can move it around. The top of the cake will have the college's mascot on it, using a FBCT.

What do you think the earliest I can make the stethoscope in advance would be? The cake will be picked up Sunday, May 27, at noon, although I may try to have it finished on Saturday.

m_mckinney1 05/14/2012 1:43 PM
I think you should go ahead & make the earpieces and the flat end piece. The only part that actually has to be pliable is the flexible tubing between the others, it could wait until the day of or before so that it's still flexible.
krzykakes 05/14/2012 2:22 PM
LOL Spooky Im a medical assistant right and I seriously was thinking about a telescope and not a stethoscope LOL but sure you can mix white and black to get gray and add gumpaste so it will hold the shape

I say make like today that way when next week gets here the shapes will be hard by the time you need to put on the cake
Linsey 05/14/2012 3:36 PM
I have made a nursing graduation cake and you can find it under life celebrations search: movie reel and nursing graduation cake, author: Linsey. I made a stethoscope out of all fondant. I made it ahead of time and kept it in a large Tupperware container , covered. I always make my fondant things ahead of time and store them this way.
I used white fondant and added a little black fondant. I think I have a better picture of it if you need it.
Good luck, Linsey
gmoakes01 05/14/2012 4:04 PM
Actually, any more now the tubes of stethoscopes come in all different colors so if it's for a female you could even choose something else. I think you could google them and see what all is available.
scubabaker 05/14/2012 4:50 PM
I just made a stethoscope for a nursing graduation cake (posted in Life Celebrations).

I made the tubing out of store bought black fondant using a large clay extruder. I did that last minute, so I could drape it onto the cake as I was decorating. I had made the angled "metal" parts and the round end of the stethoscope a week ahead of time using gray fondant (white mixed with a bit of the black) that was kneaded with tylose. After a day of drying, I painted those pieces with silver highlighter dust mixed with a few drops of vodka and continued to let them air dry. A few dabs of royal icing connected the pieces and attached them nicely to the cake.