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Topic: Can I substitute coconut milk for real milk on cake?
MaddysMom10 04/11/2012 12:35 AM
I am trying to bake a "pina colada" cake but a few of the people who will be having this cake do not like coconut flakes. I am trying to get the flavor of the coconut into the cake and was thinking of substituting coconut milk for the real milk that the recipe calls for and add a couple of drops of LorAnn coconut flavor. Does anyone know of a reason why this would not work. I will include the pineapple in the filling, if this makes a difference. Thanks!
BackingCrazy 04/11/2012 11:31 AM
Coconut milk should work just fine. I make a Pina Colada cake using it, and the cake always come out nicely.
baura_l 04/11/2012 1:31 PM
You may however, coconut milk sometimes has this uncanny ability to get lost with vanilla and other flavours, it can be very delicate in smaller amounts, Which is why I like to reduce the milk a litle and add pineapple juice to it untill it has become the flavour we come to know and love and brush my cake with it to "Boost" the flavour. You could also make a coconut custard to up the flavour also.

I find coconut flavouring to taste almost soapy and unattractive, so I avoid using coconut extracts as much as possible.

Another thing is if you can find it or make your own is coconut puree which can be added to your buttercream to fill the cake.

Consider also maybe using coconut "Flour" if they dont like coconut shavings.

Good luck tell us how it turns out, and remember REAL coconut flavour will always be better than artifical coconut.