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Topic: Do you refrigerate fondant covered cakes?
FijiGirl 03/06/2012 5:35 PM
Hi all...I know this question has been asked multiple times but I'm still unable to come to a conclusion. Do you refrigerate your fondant covered cakes? If so, how do you do it - In a box? covered/ uncovered? ALso, does the fondant get sticky when it comes out of the fridge?
What brand of fondant have you refrigerated before?

SOrry for so many questions but I can't find a straighforward answer anywhere.
cakedujour 03/06/2012 5:41 PM
Only if the filling is perishable. Cover the cake if you have to do it. When you do take it out of the fridge do not unwrap it. Allow it to come to room temperature and make sure ALL condensation has evaporated before you unwrap it.
FijiGirl 03/06/2012 5:58 PM
Yes, the cake i'm planning to make will have fresh fruit and whipped cream filling so it has to be refrigerated. I 'm just worried about the fondant.
cakedujour 03/06/2012 8:03 PM
Whoa! Whipped cream filling? Fondant is heavy. I worry about whipped filling being up to the task. I would reconsider that if I were you.
preetscake 03/07/2012 5:53 AM
I would not dare use whipped filling in a fondant cake....or fresh fruit for that matter.
About refrigerating...I store my fondant covered cakes in refrigerator all the time ..I don't wrap them or anything,just leave them open ,they soften al ittle bit after a while out of the refrigerator,but I have never seen condensation or any other problem on my cakes.
FijiGirl 03/07/2012 10:41 AM
Thanks - i've been trying to convince my friend who wants this cake that it is not a good idea. I'll show her your replies- that might help. I have never refrigerated fondant cakes and am still skeptical about doing it. Hopefully, reading your replies will help change her mind about whipped cream and fondant together.
jasperbuddy 08/13/2014 4:16 PM
Fondant does get wet when it comes out of the refrigerator due to condensation. I wrestle with it all the time. It can dry depending on weather conditions or the conditions inside your shop. I would wait to put on flowers and bows until it was time to deliver but lets face it, it gets soft when it comes out into warmer air. I know this post is long after you made that cake but when someone would ask for whipped cream filling, I would use buttercream around the border and a small ring in the center and fill the rest with the whip cream. That would help support the cake. Of course, always let the customer know but explain why you do it. They find its a good compromise.