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Topic: How-To tutorials/videos for Cake Decorators
whoknew? 02/25/2012 6:58 PM
The following information is gathered from many, many places and credit goes to many, many people. All the information shared below is provided by cake decorators as a gift to the cake decorating community. My thanks and gratitude to EVERYONE who provided information to help me, and others, on our "Cake Decorating Journey". Feel free to bookmark this thread and share the information with as many people as possible!


How To Get a Level Cake:

Bake Even Strips and Flower Nail(s) on larger cakes --Photo tutorial:

TUTORIAL: How to collar a cake pan:

Using Wilton's new Cake Marker to achieve level, torted cakes!:

Charts for Wilton and Ateco tips & their usage:

Wilton Color Chart (how to mix different colors to get a new color):

Conversion Calculator for recipes:

Wilton PARTY Cake Baking Time, Batter Amounts, Icing Amounts, for different pan shapes and sizes, recommended number of servings:

Wilton WEDDING Cake Baking Time, Batter Amounts, Icing amounts, for different pan shapes and sizes, recommended number of servings:

Sample Cake Serving Sizes -- made of Paper or Cardstock:

Cake Photos--Easy, cheap way to get great, clean photos:

How to Cut a Wedding (or Party) Cake:

How Much Should I Charge for My Cakes?:


BASIC TO MEDIUM DIFFICULTY – FONDANT: Superb series of tutorial videos! Fabulous information on all the basics needed: how to stack, dowel, tort, fill, roll fondant, color fondant, put fondant on your cake, and much, much more. I strongly suggest you watch every single video on the SweetWiseInc's Channel (Look to the left of the page for a menu of all her excellent videos):

BASIC DIFFICULTY--BUTTERCREAM: Suitable for ALL beginning bakers: Buttercream, tools, techniques, terminology (Note: This series does not cover fondant, but will provide an excellent background that is needed for fondant work). Series is presented by Sandy Shepherd , MonkeySee videos. (At the bottom of the video screen are prompts that will direct you to the next video.)

BASIC TO MEDIUM DIFFICULTY: Wilton Cake Decorating Channel: This cake decorating channel has 194 videos available for viewing. Topics cover every aspect of cake decorating from the most basic to advanced techniques. (Keep in mind that you may not have to purchase the exact Wilton product used in each video, you may be able to substitute other tools.)

BASIC TO MEDIUM DIFFICULTY—MOSTLY BUTTERCREAM: How-to tips on many aspects of cake decorating by a wonderful woman who makes excellent, funny, videos. You can choose to sort the videos by Date Added, Most Viewed, or Top Rated. SeriousCakes's Channel:

BASIC, MEDIUM, ADVANCED—FONDANT & BUTTERCREAM: Buttercream, fondant, bows, cake construction, stacking, smoothing, royal icing flowers, etc. by Edna de la Cruz (Design Me a Cake), a well-known cake artist. Free tutorials on a wide range of subjects that cover basic skills and techniques, to advanced, buttercream and fondant techniques:

BASIC, MEDIUM, ADVANCED: PastryWiz is a site that offers tutorials on a huge variety of subjects ranging from “How do I cut a wedding cake” to “Marzipan elephant figures for kids” to step-by-step pictorials for how to create a “tiered cow cake”. The site is very easy to navigate and has very clear, step-by-step pictorial tutorials.

MEDIUM TO ADVANCED: Sugar Teachers Cake Decorating and Sugar Art Tutorials. “Tutorials, techniques and tips shared by bakers and cake decorators, both professional and hobbyists, with a passion for the sugar arts.”. Many of the techniques and recipes are popular in the UK, Europe, or Australia (marzipan, pavlova, royal icing, etc.)

ADVANCED: Alan Tretault, Global Sugar Arts provides tutorials on specific cake designs. Note: The designs typically require specific products available from Global Sugar Arts.

MEDIUM TO ADVANCED--FONDANT: Satin Ice Channel: Satin Ice manufacturers a high quality fondant preferred by many professional bakers.

MEDIUM TO ADVANCED—FONDANT: Cal Java manufacturers high quality lines of fondant and gum paste products. They also manufacturer pre-made gum paste flowers and provide a full line of basic to advanced cake decorating products.




Wilton Method Decorating Courses—Available at local craft stores. These courses are not only a superb introduction to the tools, techniques and terminology used in cake decorating, they are FUN!
(Note: Even though the courses are under $30, you will probably end up spending between $150-$200 per course for all of the associated supplies needed. Use craft store 40-50% coupons to purchase the course supplies.)
For information on the Courses AND the supplies you will need for each course:
Wilton Method Class Resource Center:

Local Cake Specialty Shops—Your area may have one or more specialty Cake Supply Stores that will offer classes ranging from Beginning to Advanced decorating techniques. Your support of these local speciality shops/classes will not only improve your skills, they will introduce you to a wonderful group of people who LOVE CAKES! You will probably wish to take the more advanced classes here after finishing your Wilton Method Courses.

Computer Courses, Videos--

Sharon Zambito, offers an extensive line of superb instructional DVD's. The online reviews of her DVD's are 100% positive. offers a huge selections of videos available for free viewing with membership, and/or purchase. They also offer a website forum for members. They offer a free 30 day trial to see if you will benefit from a full membership. Make sure you have the time to watch and use the techniques at least 6-8 hours a week during your free 30 day trial period so you get the most out of the offer. Even if you choose not to join, you will continue to receive free videos via email throughout the year.
pasteles de inglaterra 02/25/2012 7:34 PM
Thank you to all who participated in this thread.

Sincere thanks for all time and efforts.
5kidsandlovingit 02/26/2012 12:55 AM
This is an awesome list! I can't imagine how much time it took to gather all of this information. Thanks to ALL who played a part in this! You guys are fabulous!!
auntpay 02/26/2012 6:59 AM
This is great!! Thanks whoknew? for putting this list together and to all who contribute on this forum every day!!
preetscake 02/26/2012 9:23 AM
Thank you whoknew? for posting this...and thanks to all the contributors...Can't wait to go through this!
furball 02/26/2012 2:38 PM
A million thanks to Whoknew & everyone who participated in this thread! This is awesome!!
sweetgrandma 02/26/2012 4:13 PM
It's going in my Favorites!! Thanks for all your work!!!
whoknew? 02/26/2012 6:47 PM
When I started this hobby (the Wilton courses at Michaels); I knew absolutely nothing. I had never been on a forum or blog and didn't even know about Youtube. I continue to be astonished at the wealth of sharing and information provided by cake decorators. So many questions for new decorators can be answered by reading these threads and/or watching the videos. Now it's all in one place, so we can tell newcomers (or even advanced cakers) where to find information. Since the Wilton forum doesn't have a "sticky", just bookmark and share as needed.
emmer_d 02/27/2012 2:20 PM
Thanks for all of this!!!
Chasey 03/01/2012 6:40 AM
I was right, you ARE a good teacher! I am sure your niece agrees as well. Thanks for taking the time to compile such a helpful thread! I had this thread to my favorites, thanks Christina!
5feetnuthin 03/03/2012 5:30 PM
This is incredible! Thank you so much for the time and effort in putting this together!
whoknew? 03/10/2012 7:12 PM
Bella Daisy Cakes 06/17/2012 9:10 PM
BakingByDeb 06/18/2012 7:25 AM
What an amazing list. I could play on this one all day... shame I am at work, lol.

Happy Baking
tmana 08/31/2012 12:06 PM
A more detailed color-mixing guide can be found here: While it's geared toward Chefmaster brand colors, Wilton has the same colors, just some names are different ("Burgundy" instead of "Burgundy Wine", for example.)
whoknew? 10/28/2012 11:29 PM
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LUVACOP 02/13/2014 9:54 AM
Good thing I'm off tomorrow - gonna need quite a bit of time to check out all of these interesting resourses!
Thanks to everyone who contributed!