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Topic: 12 inch wilton cake pan
cupcakesbymegan 02/22/2012 11:10 AM
I am wondering for the 12 inch wilton cake round pan, how many cake boxes will you need to have it to just about the top when it bakes? Also, How long would you cook a cake that big???

Is there anything online that would give me about of cake and time to bake for bigger cakes???

michelle51801 02/22/2012 11:16 AM
Welcome to the forums!!

Here is a helpful link that tell you how much batter you'd need for any size pans. It will also give you baking times.

When I bake a cake that big I use a flower nail in the middle of the pan. You would put it flat side down in the middle. You can either pour the batter in first and then stick it in or you can stick it in and then pour the batter. If it moves, just move it back to the center of the pan. You're going to want to spray it with nonstick baking spray so your cake won't stick to it. HTH!!
cakedujour 02/22/2012 12:09 PM
I'll only add that you need to use a metal flower nail, not a plastic one.
Spooky_789 02/22/2012 12:19 PM
For a 12" round pan, I'd actually use 2 or 3 metal flower nails to help it cook more evenly.
whoknew? 02/22/2012 1:55 PM
cupcakesbymegan~~Welcome to the forum. Use michelle51801's link to find the amount of batter needed to fill the pan. Then I'd suggest you read and apply the tools/techniques in these two tutorials:

How to Get a Level Cake

Bake Even Strips and Flower Nail on larger cakes --Photo tutorial

It WILL take longer to bake at 325. I set a timer for 30-35 minutes, then (using a timer!) check at 5-10 minute intervals until the cake pick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean.
cupcakesbymegan 02/22/2012 3:56 PM
Thank you for the help guys.. My aunt wanted a 12 inch cake for her baby shower and it scared me!! lol

I think it should be okay. I will def try the flower nail and baking strips.
Thanks whoknew? and michelle51801 for the links VERY HELPFULL

Another question... what do the parchment papers in the bottom of your pans do??
cupcakesbymegan 02/22/2012 3:59 PM
also... what is so special about the WASC cake?? I never knew about it until starting to read on it last night.... Does it help hold the cake together better or just taste amazing???

and.... how do you keep you cake from cracking when you are layering?
ginnyl 02/22/2012 4:55 PM
I have used the WASC recipe exclusively and it is one of the best..It tastes amazing and stays together great.

I know that 1 WASC recipe which uses two cake mixes makes 1 -12" and 1-10".

I will be making a 12" next week and plan to use the Bake Even strips, 2 or 3 flower nails and I will put a parchment collar inside the pan along with a circle of Parchment at the bottom. All this combined will give me a full 2" high cake that is cooked through and level.
As far as the cracking issue when you layer your cake. It is important to support the second layer as you put it in place.
If you have difficulty placing the second layer you might want to freeze it for a short time so it is easier to handle..

If the WASC a try and let us know what you think.
cupcakesbymegan 02/23/2012 11:41 PM
so i tired the lemon WASC recipe. It was SERIOUSLY the most moist cake I have ever had in my life! lol The flavor was so lemony but like nothing I have never had!!! NOW i know why everyone <3 it so much!!!! Thanks guys for directing me towards it!!!!

What are the parchment circle at the bottom of the cake pan for???
whoknew? 02/23/2012 11:55 PM
Parchment is a specially treated paper (treated with silicone) that is able to withstand temperatures up to 450-500 degrees without burning or browning. The other feature of silicone is that nothing will stick to it. Cutting a piece of parchment the exact size of the interior of your pan will assure that no globs of your darling cake will stick to the pan.

Congrats on a fabulous lemon cake!
cupcakesbymegan 02/24/2012 8:25 PM
thanks so much whoknew

I used the baking strips and flower nails as stated in your topic and my cake came out perfectly!! =]

I am going to post pictures of what I did for the baby shower on Sunday!!

whoknew? 02/25/2012 11:31 AM
You're very welcome. Look forward to the pictures.
AmysEverlastingPhoto 02/22/2015 7:34 AM
Thank you. I came across this forum and you helped me a lot! I got a terrific layer cake thanks to the tips
whoknew? 02/22/2015 9:59 AM
Wonderful! Glad we were able to help. WELCOME TO THE FORUM!
Rainglow17 02/26/2015 8:58 AM
I will add that a box of cake mix will yeild around 4-6 cups of batter (anyone else notice they got smaller?)
Parchment paper works great for getting the cakes out of the pan without sticking. Also, if you 'collar' the pan (line the sides with parchment paper sticking up about an inch) it is supposed to help the cake come out super flat on top so that there is no dome. Use some cooking spray to help it stick to the pan.
I have used was paper as well, and it works the same. I had someone question recently if the wax would leave residue on the cake and it was a point I hadnt considered... however, the wax paper box says it is intended for oven use and specifically for lining cake pans. I havent had much luck with it working for the collar method, so I am curious to see if the parchment paper I will be using for a cake today works better.
Sorry went on a rant there a little, hope some of that helps!