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Topic: How to scallop fondant?
Linsey 01/09/2012 8:56 PM
My piece of fondant is only about a 1/2" wide, how do I scallop one side? I know you ladies have some great ideas out there, you always do.
mmumsie 01/09/2012 9:04 PM
I actually use a scallop round cutter, cut a hole in the middle with another plain edge round cutter and straighten out my piece. It works great.

There is a scalloped straight cutter in the course 3 student kit. I guess it all depends on how big you want the scallops. Wilton also have a pastry wheel with a scalloped edge.
mmumsie 01/09/2012 9:05 PM
Here is the Scallop Biscuit Cutter Set I use.
Linsey 01/10/2012 4:40 PM
mmumsie: you're a life saver!!!!! I used the scalloped cookie cutter method and it turned out just how I wanted it.
Thank you,